Welcome to Coyote Song Farm

Where we practice regenerative farming for the well being of our land, our animals and our family.

We are the Garcia Family.

Raising a family cultivates, in a lot of us, the desire to put clean, wholesome food on the table. Providing them with the best possible nutrients for mind, body and soul is something we feel a responsibility for. When we, Micah and Jenny, started our own little family, we decided to raise our own meats to supply some of this need. Raising our animals on a healthy diet and plenty of space is important to us. This led to the beginning of our journey in regenerative agriculture, working to bring the soil, animals and water back into harmony, which results in nutrient dense foods, healthier animals and a cleaner environment.

We are honored to be able to share our products with you, so you and your family can enjoy them with us! Every order you place helps us to reach our goal of bringing land back to life and reintroduce the variety of species in plants and animals that help our earth to thrive.


The Farm

As of earlier this year, Micah has had the opportunity of being able to work with the soil and pastures on the ranch he grew up on. Starting the journey of regeneration, which will bring the animals and soil back into harmony, the way that God designed them to be. We as a family are working to relocate to the ranch as well, bringing our pigs with us for more space and better grazing opportunities.


Our Animals

Our pig herd is predominately made up of Berkshire/Duroc crosses with a few other breeds sprinkled in. We’ve worked the past few years to breed pigs who produce amazing flavor as well as good meat quality.

Our cattle herd is mostly Black Angus, from which we will be offering our first beef products from, later this year.



(Coming Soon)





Fresh Milk


Our Story


Both Micah and I, Jenny, grew up with agricultural backgrounds. Micah, on the ranch we’re now working fields and moving cattle on, while I came from a family of dairy farmers. Once we started our own family, clean, wholesome food became a priority. No better place to find a trustworthy food source than to grow it yourself!

It all started when I was surfing the web, randomly looking for a sow and boar to keep on the farm for our own pork needs. I not only found a sow and boar but THREE sows and a boar for the price of one pig! We decided we would harvest two of the sows to fill our freezers right away and then save the other for breeding every year. We never did harvest any of them and ended up supplying a grass finishing farm with piglets. When that market slowed down we decided to raise all the growers, from what our, now 9, sows were producing, to share our clean, homegrown meats to the public.

We have offered wholes and halves for over 3 years, and are now excited to announce that we have individual cuts available as well!